Monday, December 16, 2013

Idaho State Seniors Win the Mukai Classic at Weber State University

The Idaho State University Debate team finished off the fall semester with another big win. Seniors Matea Ivanovic (Boise, ID) and Kendra Doty (Boise, ID) won The Weber State Mukai College Classic on the weekend of November 23rd. This was the 3rd tournament win and the 4th final round appearance for the Idaho State Debate Team this semester. It was also the second tournament win for the seniors. Additionally Ivanovic was given the honors of the top individual speaker at the tournament, while Doty was honored as the 4th best speaker.

Ivanovic and Doty continue to show that they are among the best in the nation. Currently, Ivanovic and Doty with an overall win percentage of 78.4% have the fifth highest win percentage in the nation. In single elimination debates they have a win percentage of 88.9% and are the third most winning team in elimination debates in the nation. This puts them above teams from Harvard, George Mason University, Georgetown University, The University of Michigan, The University of Kansas, Wake Forest University, and California State University at Berkley, to name a few.

The team as a whole has had an outstanding semester with three tournament wins and several speaker awards.  In September, Doty and Ivanovic won the Jesuit Debates at Gonzaga with a 90% win percentage.  Ivanovic was also named the top speaker at Gonzaga. 

Kendra Doty, Lindsay Vanluvanee, & Matea Ivanovic.  Photo by Sarah T. Partlow Lefevre.
In October, the Junior Varsity debaters had strong showings at both Lewis and Clark College and The University of Puget Sound.  Sam Bollinger (Pocatello, ID) and Andrew Hoth (Boise, ID) took second in the Junior Varsity division at Lewis and Clark College where there were 250 debate entries from 47 different schools from 13 states. Bollinger was recognized as the top speaker at the tournament, while Hoth was recognized as the third speaker.

Also in October, debaters Brock Sondrup (Idaho Falls, ID) and Jakob Meng (Idaho Falls, ID) won the Junior Varsity division at the University of Puget Sound Logger debate tournament.  Sondrup and Meng did not lose a single debate on their way to victory.  Also in Tacoma, Meng was recognized as the 2nd best speaker. Sondrup was awarded the 3rd place speaking award. 

Other students representing the James M. & Sharon E. Rupp Debate Society this semester included: Mike Eyre (Boise, ID), Anne Johnson (Pocatello, ID), Robyn Hemmert (Soda Springs, ID), Samantha Richardson (Boise, ID), Zach Sayles (Rupert, ID), and Sasha Ivanovic (Boise, ID).

“I keep thinking the team can’t get any better.  But, the debaters always seem to exceed my expectations with one more win or another speaker award.  I could not be happier with the effort and dedication put forward by each and every member of the team this past semester,” said Sarah Partlow-Lefevre, Director of the James M. & Sharon E. Rupp Debate Society. 
“The team had such an impressive first semester,” said assistant coach Roger Copenhaver. “I can’t wait to see the extraordinary things the debaters will do in the spring.”

Currently, the debaters are heading to finals and winter break.  But, competition will resume next semester as the team travels to tournaments at the University of North Texas, The University of Utah, Weber State University, Whitman College, The University of Texas at Austin, the District 2 Tournament hosted by Idaho State University, and CEDA Nationals & the National Debate Tournament at The University of Indiana, Bloomington.

Kendra Doty.  Photo by Sarah T. Partlow Lefevre.

Matea Ivanovic.  Photo by Sarah T. Partlow Lefevre.