Monday, September 26, 2016

ISU Director Contributes to Debate Strategy Book

Recently, Idaho State Debate Director Dr. Sarah T. Partlow Lefevre contributed to a book outlining Donald Trump's strategies in the primary debates.  The book is written by debate coaches and communication professors from around the United States.  All proceeds are being donated to two nonprofit organizations, The Women's Debate Institute and the JW Patterson Foundation for Excellence in Debate. It is available in paperback and on Kindle on Amazon.

 Debating the Donald is available at

The description of the book on Amazon: "Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump entered the 2016 election race with no political or debate experience. He had extremely low expectations heading into his first primary debate hosted by Fox News in Cleveland, Ohio on August 6, 2015. Trump took advantage of this and easily won the first debate, which catapulted him to permanent frontrunner status and he never looked back. He participated in ten additional primary debates, while choosing to boycott the event in Des Moines, Iowa in January of 2016. Nearly 200 million viewers watched the GOP primary debates and Trump’s reality television star background played a major role in this phenomenon. In “Debating The Donald”, a dozen debate experts from around the United States analyze Trump’s performances in the primary debates. They discuss what techniques were employed by the candidate to yield successful results. Finally, the authors predict how style and content from Trump’s primary debates will influence his three general election showdowns with Hillary Clinton in the fall. The first Trump-Clinton debate at Hofstra University in New York will have a Super Bowl-like atmosphere and will truly be must-see TV."

Dr. Partlow Levefre was also quoted in the lead story of the USA today leading up to the first 2016 presidential debate between Clinton and Trump.